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SPAD Dynamo

The Dynamo is our first  budget entry into RCCA legal open "B" class combat competition. The prototype  was equipped with a ThunderTiger® Pro .25, a 4 oz. fuel tank, and a standard  sized Futaba® flight pack. All Coroplast® parts are made from 4mm Coroplast®. It  weighed in at 3.45 lbs. Slightly heavy compared to some of the current planes  used in competition, but an excellent way to get involved for a minimum amount  of money. Flight performance is outstanding, and will provide any pilot a good  entry level plane with which to get in the mix.


Type:  Combat

Wingspan: 36"

Length:  24"

Engine:  .25 - .30

Channels: 3 - Elevator, Ailerons & Throttle


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