CC Edge 540

coroedge1 (35K)

Design and Plans courtesy of Chris

For more, visit Chris' web site here.

Material List

1/4" Square Poplar Dowels

1/4x3" Poplar sheet
Home Depot or Lowe's

2 mil Coroplast:
2) 10x37 (Fuse sides)
1) 48x30 (wing panel)

4 mil coroplast
1) 9x24 (Ailerons)
1) 9x20 (Hor. Stab)
1) 11x10 (Rudder)
Regal Plastics - 1-800-444-1420

Elmers Probond Polyurethane
Home Depot, Lowe's, or Wal Mart

Goop (marine or shoo goo) or Welder adhesive
Home Depot, Lowe's, or Wal Mart

12" Bamboo Skewers
Grocery Store

Zap a Gap ca
local hobby shop

Robart (or similar) Hinge Point Hinges
Local Hobby Shop

1/8" Music Wire

5/32" Music Wire
Local Hobby shop
Please note:  
This was the second of two of these planes that i built.  Both are still in flyable condition.  I still own one, and have given the other away.  The one in the plans is my regular funfly. AUW is about 4 lb 11 oz, with mini servos (gws 89 oz/6v mighty micros, 5 cell 1850 nimh pack, OS 46 FX). Your weight may vary.  Also understand that by changing the plans, you will change the performance of the plane.  Every ounce counts in a funfly, and this one pushes the weight limit as it is.  So, if you overbuild it, it won't fly as well.  If you don't want to purchase 2 mil coroplast, please move on and build another plane.  I'd rather someone not see one made of 4 mil  trying to fly and give Spads the "thats a brick" reputation that we've all worked so hard to shed.  

If you've never built with coroplast before, go here:
and build at least 3 or 4 spad originals.  
The Edge is a super plane but, the instructions are geared for someone who knows how to work with coroplast, and knows the ins and outs of SPADding.  Not for the newbie.  If you don't understand what i am referring to, you need to be at WWW.SPADTOTHEBONE.COM

Let me state it one more time.  Go to  and build from the originals first, to learn how to build with coro.  Save me and you both a bunch of headaches.  

On to the instructions

DXF file here
(right click and save as)
Note on the dxf file:
it was created with autocad lt98, and is zipped to save space, as well as ease of transfer.
The exact pictures of the dxf file, with dimensions are in the instructions, so if you don't have cad, don't worry about it.