Simple Plastic Airplane Design

SPAD Derringer

This SPAD is named the Derringer.  It is our first successful .15 size design!  Designed to comply with RCCA open "A" class rules, the Derringer is very similar to the Derelict - only smaller.  The prototype Derringer (as pictured) was equipped with an O.S.® FP .15, a 270 mah battery and three Hitec® HS-81 servos.  The total flying weight is 1 lb 12 oz!   If flies just like its big Derelict brother!  If you are looking for an inexpensive, quick building, great flying .15 size plane to "get-in-the-mix" with, the Derringer is definately a winner! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Type:  Combat

Wingspan: 36"

Length:  20"

Engine:  .15

Channels: 3 - Elevator, Ailerons & Throttle

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