Simple Plastic Airplane Design

SPAD Derelict

The Derelict.  This is our third design entry for an RCCA legal open "B" class plane.  The main difference in this design is the choice of materials.  We use 2 mil Coroplast® for the wing, and the fuselage is made from a light weight, smaller O.D. gutter pipe.  All up flying weight with a Magnum® .25, three Hitec® HS-81 servos and a 270 mah battery is 2 lb 4 oz!  The Derelict is our best flying open "B" class design yet, and boy does she fly!
Type:  Combat

Wingspan: 36"

Length:  24"

Engine:  .25 - .30

Channels: 3 - Elevator, Ailerons & Throttle

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